Do you feel like this when it's time to rake your yard? 

So, does everyone in your community. Help them feel like this? Do THE BIG RAKE. 

"Thank you for raking my lawn yesterday. I was so touched with everything, the prayer, the apple pie, the leaf raking and the kids that I cried.  I enjoyed watching the children play in the leaves so much. I am so thankful and impressed with what you all did.  Thank You." Lorraine M. 

"Thanks to all the crew for raking my yard. You all worked so hard and with a smile on your face. The children worked hard tooo- at being kids. What a joy! All I did was meet a lot of super people. I loved that cookie. Thank you so much." LaVerne W.

"The kids had a blast!  Sometimes they helped the adults bag leaves, but they mainly enjoyed chasing each other around or rolling down the hills.  Our group had a great time!  It was really nice to have a service project where we could do it as a family!" Holly H.

"It felt great to be part of the Big Rake. We look forward to many such exciting projects." David D.


Helping churches reach into their community through an annual rake a thon.


  • What are you doing in your community?
  •  Does your community know you care about them?
  • Does your community see you as a place that is a blessing to others?
  • Have you provided ways for your members to serve the community? 

The BIG RAKE is an opportunity for congregations to GO into their communities, serve in a visual way and meet a real need. In John 12:26 Jesus says “My Father will honor the one who serves me.” We serve Him when we serve others. The BIG RAKE is a great way for your congregation to be the hands and feet and voice of Jesus in your local community.



1. Families will serve the Lord together.


2. Your members will serve unchurched people.


3. You will make a positive impact in your community.


Explore the website and see all we have to make it real easy to do the BIG RAKE at your church. Get your BIG RAKE kit today.